Why choose Burgundy stone

A universal stone

Detail of stone surface

Detail of stone surface


Fruit of a rich terrain combined with ancestral know-how, Burgundy stone is intrinsincally linked to the cultural and historical heritage of the region. Since the beginning of time, stone has been exploited by Man for construction and protection. This universal material has sheltered our ancesters rich or poor for centuries. It has left surprising vestiges: palaces, châteaux, farms, noble residences and modest homes, romanesque churches, gothic cathedrales, cistercian abbeys... some artistically adorned, others charming or inspiring for their simplicity. They all contribute to endowing Burgundy in both urban and rural areas with a distinctive cultural identity.

Stone is also a material of constant renewal, accompanying for example urban landscapes in their evolution. Thanks to the perfection of tools and to ongoing artistic creativity, stoneworks have adapted well to new industrial technologies. Today the numerous choices of processing and finishing prove more economically feasible and easier to maintain. Forever contemporary and elegant, the stone of Burgundy, especially with age, never loses its splendour.

Burgundy stone also exudes atmosphere and warmth through a variety of tones : light beiges to darker browns with nuances of yellow, red, even grey and blue, plus textures from fine and smooth to rough and grainy, or enriched with fossils.

In short Burgundy stone is a noble product - unique, universal, eternal...


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