Processor :

Bridge crane

Bridge crane

From the quarry, extracted blocks are transported to a factory for processing. The blocks generally weigh between 5 and 15 tons and measure between 2 and 6 m3.

Handling is generally done by means of bridge cranes, heavyweight lifts and wagons.

The role of the processer is to transform the blocks into paving stones, wall facing, fireplaces, counter spaces, furniture, etc.

Other equipment he may use:

- A foreman decomposes the tasks and notes his observations. He utilzes:

- Diamond saw blades on a rack, diamond cable machines or big diamond disk cutters180 to 300 cm in diameter.

- Diamond disks 35 to 160 cm to cut slabs into paving stones, etc.

- Digitalized machines to cut small blocks into 3D finished products (sinks, shower basins, steps, etc.)

- Polisher to smooth or polish stone.

He will use other equipment:

Machines to shape a block: calibrate, bevel, mould, profile, pierce...


Finishing machines that sand, bush hammer, tooth, flame...


Certaines finitions telles le bouchardage peuvent être manuelles.

The end products are then carefully wrapped and crated before being expedited to clients around the world.