Stone & sustainable development

Sustainable development

A noble, natural material, true Burgundy stone enters coherently in the scheme of sustainable development:

  • Stone breathes, which makes for a healthy indoor environment.
  • No toxic element in the air is released from or provoked by stone.
  • Stone requires no finish and its patina grows more beautiful with age.
  • To preserve the beauty of stone, water is its best ally.
  • Stone possesses an appreciable thermal inertia, namely for floor heating...
  • Stone naturally controls temperature by retaining heat in cold weather and remaining cool during the hot season.
  • Stone is constantly and forever recyclable.
  • It is extracted from quarries in Burgundy, which adhere to current environmental regulations, and is processed according to rigorous procedures.

Today natural stone subscribes wholly to the prescriptions of sustainable development thanks to requirements of quarry restoration after exploitation, to the creation of bi-products in stone, to recycling of machined waste and water and most of all to its own durable characteristics: robustness and agelessness.

During processing this natural material generates a minimum amount of waste and pollution. Because stone is not a composite material, it needs no cement or binder. And being a natural product, it needs no special treatment, nor chemical product to insure its viability.

Unlike certain paints, stone emits nothing toxic indoors. It is a material that breathes. It absorbs humidity and helps save energy. Its insulating properties help avoid overheating in winter and air conditioning in summer.


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