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Bastion of the Hospices of Beaune restored

Restauration la Bastion des Hospices de Beaune


A local patrimonial treasure, this impressive 15th century defence point begged to be restored. Over 100 m3 of Corton stone were needed for the restoration project...

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Restoring the Tolbiac Bridge, Paris

Story of restoring the Tolbiac Bridge, Paris


A little over a century after its reconstruction, the Tolbiac Bridge had suffered degradation to a point of needing considerable repair. 

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Collaboration between man and stone


Still today, Burgundy exports its treasure of stones worldwide.

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Two restoration techniques

Two techniques for restoration

Filling and Dutchman repair are two classic techniques for the restoration of stonework.

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Crystallization is a common practice, reinforced with regular sprayings for maintenance. This method will preserve the shine of a stone floor but will not remove imperfections. Buffing gives the most satisfactory result and increases the durability of a stone floor.

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New Museum of the Châtillonnais

New Châtillonnais Museum in Burgundy stone

The new Museum of the Châtillonnais, installed in the old abbey of Notre-Dame (built by Saint Bernard de Clairvaux in 1140), was inaugurated in 2009. The museum houses a remarkable collection of ancient reliefs in stone, not to mention the famous Treasure of Vix... which are displayed on three levels comprising a surface area of about 2000m².


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Numerous types of stairs exist, from the most imaginative to the most classic... To each his own style.

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