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ABC Propreté
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Philippe PRETET


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Stone, marble, granito or terrazo, marble mosaic... are some of the many materials used in decorating homes and offices, hallways reception desks, information desks, etc. which, whenever necessary, can be easily renovated. Crystallization reinforced with regular maintenance by spraying, is commonly used to protect and prolong the shine of any stone flooring, however, it does not remove imperfections (dents, scratches, unevenness, inset joints, stains, etc.). Only smoothing will give a satisfactory and long lasting result. The technique is simple: once the walls, doors and other elements are protected andholes filled, if necessary, SMOOTHING is done with water (therefore dustfree) and several disks (5-9) depending on the condition of the stone and treatment needed (new look, remove stains or scratches...). The floor will look new, in fact it will regain its original luster.