SARL Lippiello Frères


SARL Lippiello Frères
1 rue St Médard
F-21290 Essarois
+33 6 84 15 31 48
+33 3 80 81 07 45
André et Guillaume LIPPIELLO


Presentation :

The LIPPIELLO company is based in the Chatillonnais region, in Essarois. It was funded in 1985 by the 2 brothers, André et Joseph, who already worked in the stone business.

the LIPPIELLO company is specialized in quarrying stone, and has a 40 years experience in that field,  subcontracting quarrying work for various quarries all based in the Chatillonnais region : Montmoyen, Chamesson, Beaunotte, Magny, Nod, Coulmier-le-Sec, Villaines en Duesmois...

Since 1996, in addition to this subcontracting expertise, based on state-of-art machine equipment and technique, the SARL Lippiello Brothers invested in its own quarry, located in Semond.

This quarry features 4 different layers : Semond Clair, Semond Doré, Semond Jaune and Semond Rubané. This stone is usable indoors as well as outdoors.

Products from the quarry are : blocks or thick slabs. End products can also be prepared by local factories.

Semond quarry

Stones :