Decoration and Colour


Burgundy stone is used for all types of projects : homes, gardens, façades, pools, pedestrian areas, not to mention restorations and sculptures... The wide gamut of hues allows every architect or decorator to compose a multitude of schemes according to his liking or sensitivity.

Natural stone works well with other materials, complementing them in many ways by bringing warmth to metal, rusticity to glass and minerality to wood.... Stone not only suggests tradition and know-how, but sensitivity toward a material whose potential to fully express itself is dependent on Man. As our association president says, «No stone can be called bad but certain usages of stone are dreadful»

Stone is ageless, timeless, in other words suitable to both traditional and contemporary styles. It is not a material fixed in antiquity or history; creativite use of stone is essential and fathomless. Every project in stone is unique, especially your own.

Stone is adaptable to all sorts of configurations and can be laid in an infinite number of ways. Yet it requires experience and know-how if errors are to be avoided.

It tends to be more suitable to large spaces where its subtle beauty enhances the atmosphere of, for instance, a kitchen or bathroom. In spaces smaller than 16 m2, it may appear to impose on the setting, or else for a narrow corridor give the impression of enlarging the space. Be careful not to lay the stones contrary to their natural position.

In any case, the professionals you work with will undoubtedly advise and assist you in carrying out your project successfully.