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Geographical Indication ‘’Pierre de Bourgogne’’

On Friday 29 June, the INPI (The National Institute of Industrial Property) published the decision to officially recognise the Geographical Indication ‘'Pierre de Bourgogne'' in the Official Industrial Property Gazette and in the Official Journal of the French Republic.

It took a combination of hours and hours of meetings, trips to Paris, Bordeaux, Brussels and Budapest and especially a highly motivated and implicated Board of Directors to achieve this result.

This will lead to the downfall of the various products in cement, plastic, wood, ceramic, reconstructed stone and stoneware as well as French and foreign natural stones being abusively labelled ‘'Pierre de Bourgogne''.
Only genuine Pierre de Bourgogne extracted and ENTIRELY fabricated in Burgundy will be permitted to be called Pierre de Bourgogne.

Products in Pierre de Bourgogne will benefit from a genuine judicial protection and the professional skills of local artisans will be further enhanced.

A big thank you to the members of the Board of Directors who have worked tirelessly on this programme: Gilles, Fabrice, Guillaume, Céline, Sophie, Jean-Claude and Bruno.