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Cabochon alignment
Cabochon laid with 1 edge cut
Cabochons laid with 2 edges cut
Cabochons laid with 4 edges cut
Calcin (natural protective coating) :

a natural protective coating of calcium carbonate formed by the action of water and carbonic gas on the surface of a stone.

Capillarity coefficient :

capillarity refers to the elevation or depression of part of a liquid surface coming in contact with a solid. The coefficient is calculated according to the weight (in grammes) of water absorbed for 1 second per cm2 of the surface. This coefficient corresponds to the AFNOR NF B 10 502 norm.


a stone finish of tiny regular striations made with the aid of a machine to bring out the tones and to give the surface a levelled, rough aspect.


a metal wedgelike tool with a cutting edge at the end of a blade used by sculptors and stone cutters to cut, shape or carve.


an architectural element or bracket that projects from a wall to support a weight (a cornice). Unlike a modillion, it is not sculpted.

Crystallization :

the chemical reaction of a stone's surface to the application of a product. A treatment that restores the natural hardness of a stone while preserveing its colour and original aspect at the same.