Charles ZANON


Charles ZANON
19 Grande Rue
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Charles ZANON


Presentation :

Born in 1988 in Beaune, Burgundy, Charles ZANON has always been fond of sciences. He enters the prestigious INSA engineer school in Lyon. His passion for understanding the universe throughout solving out complex equations leads him to a more sensual approach of materials. Following the steps of his grandfather as a stonemason, he learns the work with the Compagnons du devoir du Tour de France. He now uses his creativity and integrity to build up many stone and marble projects: from top class furniture to sculpture and interior/ exterior space layout: different means to convey his ideas.

Important figures :

-- "Tradition and future", a motto which constantly guides my work. Listening to our ancestors, searching their know-hows, I innovate with the most contemporary technologies. The future yells out, as if it had always been there.-- Stone and marble crystallize my expressions. They become soft, flexible and fluid so that they find their original pureness back. The pieces I make are tailor-made and the spaces I create unique. They find a place in the lineage of History's great builders.-- I also punctually use precious stones, metals, gold and silver, leather, glass, to dress my pieces up.