Maison de la Pierre


Maison de la Pierre
Le Grand Marcillat
F-71470 La Chapelle-Thècle
+33 3 85 72 97 14


Presentation :

La Maison de la pierre deals with stone cutting and sculpture, located in the department of Saône et Loire, in southern Burgundy between Tournus and Louhans.

Intially trained at the Ecole de Beaux-Arts and Institute of Visual Arts of Orléans, Lawrence Quirinali incorporates creation and design in his stonework.

Along with images/er Charollais, building restoration artisan, we propose traditional stone cutting, stylistic copies and creations, plus laying or fitting.

A drawing always serves as a base for our projects.

La Maison de la pierre proposes:

- unique works.

- advice, fitting or laying of the works.

- stones and marbled stones of Burgundy

We utilize stones of different origins; there are numerous extraction sites in France and Europe, but the richly varied stone of Burgundy is essentially what we process.