LES 3 CHOUETTES - David Schneider


LES 3 CHOUETTES - David Schneider
26 rue Poinsot
F-21120 Is-sur-Tille
+33 3 80 95 18 88 +33 6 23 35 15 62


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At a young age, David Schneider did an apprenticeship in cabinet work with the Compagnons du Devoir and of the Tour de France. Passionate about art, he specialized in modeling wood and stone with masters of sculpture.

His approach is to join the graphic force of the line with the density of matter, which he lives, identifies with, works and prefers in its natural state.

An keen amateur of Nature and culture, David Schneider carves original pieces from local wood and stone that he finds and that he believes generate a spiritual energy. His sculptural quest is not unrelated to Brancusi, Arp or Letourneur.

He creates portraits, anatomic subjects, animals or abstract pieces, always demanding in his approach that reveals a powerful and coherent style. He has completed several commissions for monumental sculptures for companys and communities.

He is also a plastic artist, draftsman, painter, calligrapher and illuminator, bent on contemporary creations, canvases, watercolours, parchments and books as artworks.

In 1997, he founded, in Is-sur-Tille (Côte d'Or) « Les 3 Chouettes » (The 3 Owls), an association in which he is actively involved in sharing his passion for sculpture, calligraphy and the plastic arts through classes, clinics, festivals, fairs... David Schneider participates regularly in exhibitions and symposiums and devotes himself wholly to his personal expressions.


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