Pierre Mureuse de Bourgogne


Pierre Mureuse de Bourgogne
La Carrière
F-89310 MOLAY
+33 3 86 75 94 34
+33 3 86 82 80 70


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This 42 year old company began in 1967 under the name « Carrières Darde ». In May 2009, Pierre Mureuse de Bourgogne took it over, insuring continuity in the exploitation process by keeping the same employees in place. The quarries furnish a compact yellow/beige limestone of a fine to tight grain. This stone is perfect for landscaping : Stone walls, garden walls paved paths and Japanese steps  Wall coverings in split stones or sawn plates  Pre-filled dry stone Gabions  stone roofing Rocailles, steles, menhirs In order to guarantee quality products, extraction is carried out soley between May and September which allows for a whole winter of drying to avoid susceptibility to frost. Otherwise, all stones are systematically and thoroughly cleaned and sorted for final usage. Products / Pierre de Molay - paving stones - garden walls - stone roofing - gabions

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