SARL SAUVANET Carrières de la Nièvre


SARL SAUVANET Carrières de la Nièvre
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Marie-Pierre SAUVANET


Presentation :

In the Nièvre, along the banks of the Loire, the Sauvanet family has been working stone for over 200 years. Today the activity is concentrated on two sites, near Pouilly-sur-Loire: the quarry VERGER, in the town of Suilly-la-Tour, and GARCHY-MALVAUX, in the town of Garchy. This stone has been admired for centuries on two churches: Briare and Saint Andelain, on the chateaux of Nozet, Vergers, Sancerre and on the Casino of Vichy. The various establishments of Sauvanet Carrières of the Nièvre employ a total of 15 people. It is a small, dynamic family operation and aims to perpetuate the know-how and traditions it has inherited.

Important figures :

15 employees

MAJOR PRODUCTS / STONES : Verger, Garchy- Malvaux Musée Blandin in Nevers - pierre de Verger

Stones :